The Big Book Of Answers - Domestic Worm Farming

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The Big Book Of Answers - Domestic Worm Farming

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About The Book:

This is the "Big Brother" to the now-retired FAQ Guide that you may have downloaded elsewhere. The info in the FAQ Guide is contained within this  document as well - but The Big Book is MUCH MUCH bigger.

Format - questions and answers; sorted into sections.

- 120+ Pages long.

- ENTIRELY Clickable Table Of Contents:

- The Table Of Contents is here for you to see before buying the book: see the picture above where you see the book cover? There are little circles on the bottom of the picture, in the centre - click on these bubbles to see the extra images of the Table Of Contents.

What Is This Guide For

I built up this information over my years researching worms and being an admin in the worm groups. People in the groups have often asked me where they can get this information - now I have published it all into an E-book.

This book is suitable for beginners and experienced folks alike - certainly it will be of more benefit if you are just starting your journey - but experienced people will still find little gems of information here and there - and it is handy to have it all organised into one document.

Using This Guide

The Table Of Contents is entirely CLICKABLE.

Search the table of contents using ctrl-f, or just skim the table of contents. Then hover the cursor over what you want to go to and left click the mouse - you will be taken to that section automatically.

Comments From People Who Bought The Book:

"Wow - there is a lot of useful information in this book.

The format is perfect; superior to other books I have read due to the lack of fluff."                          - Bryce T.

" Thank you for all the work you put in. I just finished reading The Big Book of Answers. I wish I had read that before getting started, it easily answered the last 12 questions I have posted in the group."             - Shawn R.

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